Help Create a Special Needs Night at LaunchPAD

When you join “Friends of LaunchPAD” you’re helping in so many ways…

  • Create a monthly Special Needs Night and expand accessibility and programming for children with special needs.
  • Provide scholarships for low income kids to LaunchPAD field trips, classes and camps.
  • Expand hands-on classes and camps.
  • Enhance exhibits.

Be a champion for educational play and discovery!

Your monthly support provides steady, reliable funding for children to experience LaunchPAD. All Friends of LaunchPAD are recognized as community leaders on behalf of children. 

  • Friends are acknowledged with unique signage in the museum, Facebook posts, and listing on LaunchPAD's website.
  • Donors at $50 or more per month are also recognized on video screens in the exhibit area plus your listing on LaunchPAD's website includes a live link to your company’s website.
  • Donors of $100 or more per month have the opportunity to be profiled in one of our highly popular Facebook posts.
  • Donors of $100 per more per month have the opportunity to be a headline sponsor at one of our major events or programs.

Friends of LaunchPAD are also volunteers

You can become a Friend of LaunchPAD by volunteering. Give the kids at LaunchPAD just two hours per month and you will be changing little lives in big ways. Let us know any special skills or interests you have so we can match you up with the museum’s classes and camps.

To become a Friend of LaunchPAD via automatic checking account withdrawal, click here. 

To make a one-time donation, click here.