Imagination takes over at the market as children shop in a story made for them! Practice matching and counting skills. Play and discover with your child by shopping for supplies for a complete, nutritional meal. This includes grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, and dairy.
In the café, children role play what they experience when they go to restaurants. Learn social and communication skills and practice counting and math skills. Play and discover with your child by sitting at the counter and ordering a pizza. Include fractions such as half cheese, half pepperoni. 
Water Table
Foster intuitive, curiosity-driven learning – discover and experiment with water! Explore cause and effect, plus practice hand-eye coordination and critical thinking. Play and discover with your child by challenging them to a boat race or by experimenting with which size boat goes faster.
Toddler Zone
Practice developmental skills in the designated toddler zone, a safe place for your youngest explorer to play. Wall activities and toys were selected to practice fine and gross motor skills as well as cognitive development. Foster the child-caregiver bond.
Wind Zone
Practice critical thinking skills by investigating with wind at the Bernoulli blower and the wind tunnel. Play and discover with your child by helping them design a unique object to put in the wind tunnel to see how high they can get it to fly! Try different configurations to if you can make it fly higher.
Block Wall and Construction Zone
This exhibit highlights simple machines and engineering skills. Use fine and gross motor skills to create something unique! Play and discover with your child by working as a team to stack the blocks to the bullseye in less than five minutes before the balls fall. With the real boards, nuts, bolts and wrenches, design and build vehicle with wheels and or cool fort.
Me and You
Learn about height and weight using recognizable objects. Play and discover with your child by having them soccer balls, leaves or apples they weigh. Select a country and learn how to say hello in that language and use it the rest of the day!
Many of today’s children are not connected with growing things. Learn how the food we eat does not come from cans or from the supermarket, but originates from live, growing plants and animals. Play and discover with your child by helping them identify the simple machines included in the grain pit – wheel and axle; pulley; and screw. Have your child compare their weight to the weight of their friends on the livestock scale included in the hog barn. Role play the life of a farmer by milking the cow and harvesting the corn and carrots!