Event Sponsorships

LaunchPAD has 3 major fundraising events each year, each of which include sponsorship opportunities. To learn more about any of these events, contact Executive Director Bob Fitch at 712-224-2542 ext. 13 or bob@launchpadmuseum.com

Pirates and Princesses (March-April)

Pirates and Princesses returns to LaunchPAD! This fun filled event will feature games, activities and a chance for children and adults to pretend to be fairytale stars.
Levels: $2,500    $1,000    $250

Things That Go! (May)

Things That Go is an outdoor event focused on fun science concepts and careers. Test the laws of motion in science experiments where you’ll launch, drop and throw everything from eggs to paper airplanes! Climb aboard super-sized vehicles and explore a variety of big trucks, emergency vehicles, tractors, planes and heavy equipment! Meet local superstars who build, protect and serve our community. Learn about the science and skills used by first responders, farmers, pilots, truck drivers, electricians, and construction workers.
Levels: $2,500  $1,000  $250

Sloppy Science (late July)

Sloppy Science is an outdoor event where kids (and adults) get the chance to get a little wet and messy discovering how much fun science can be. The event includes many science-based activities including an obstacle course, fizzy science, sling shot paint toss, soccer rockets and much more!
Levels: $2,500    $500

Other Programs or Events Available to Sponsor

  • LaunchPAD’s Birthday Party (February)
  • Spring Break Educational Program (March-April)
  • Summer Classes and Camps (June-August)
  • Toddler Adventures (Wednesdays during the school year)
  • Halloween Party (October)
  • Holiday Party (December)
  • Holiday Break Educational Program (December)
  • STEM Explorers (once per day year-round)
  • Pop-up Activities (twice per day year-round)

Sponsorship levels vary depending upon the event.

Acknowledgement and Recognition

Recognition varies depending upon the event or program. Examples of acknowledgement may include:

  • Identified in the museum as “Friends of LaunchPAD.”
  • Publicity via Facebook and emails; and potentially in advertising and local media.
  • Identified with logo on the museum’s video screens and signage at the main entrance.
  • Free passes for employees or friends.
  • Temporary or permanent signage in the museum.