Spotlight Kid of the Week!

Each week LaunchPAD will shine the spotlight on a special child in the community.  Be sure to check back weekly to see who the latest child to shine in our spotlight is. 

Caleb Christenson


March 12th, 2018 - Caleb Christenson just turned 11 years old and celebrated his birthday at LaunchPAD this past weekend. Besides enjoying all the exhibits in the museum, Caleb's favorite is being at the top of the climber. Along with rooting for the Chicago Cubs, Caleb spends his time at home playing with his dogs Stella and Dexter. Have a joyful birthday week to our awesome spotlight kid!



Maddie Hodge, March 5th, 2018 - Maddi Hodge is a spunky 2 year old and regular attendee to Toddler Adventures. When she is not in Toddler Adventures, she is busy playing in the new augmented reality sand box. At home, Maddi likes hanging out with her awesome uncle Andrew. Maddi enjoys playing with her My Little Ponies, and playing fetch with her favorite dog Herky.


 Damon Camm, February 26th, 2018 - This week's Spotlight Kid of the Week goes to Damon Camm! Damon is 4 years old and loves spending his weekends at LaunchPAD. His favorite activity is building on the new Lego walls with his favorite Discover Guide, Alexis. In his free time at home, Damon likes playing baseball and racing his cars. Thanks for being an awesome member Damon! 


Isabella Banos, February 19th, 2018 - Our First Spotlight Kid of the week is, Isabella Banos! Isabella is a Launchpad member. She is 5 years old and enjoys playing in the market. Her favorite activity in the market is being a customer and paying for her groceries. At home, Isabella likes playing with her Barbies and iPad.

Isabella Banos es una miembra de Launchpad, ella tiene cinco anos y le gusta jugar en el mercado. Su favorito actividad es siendo un cliente y pagando por su comestibles. En casa Isabella le gusta jugar con sus Barbies y con su iPad.