Spotlight Kid of the Week!

Each week LaunchPAD will shine the spotlight on a special child in the community.  Be sure to check back weekly to see who the latest child to shine in our spotlight is. 


Nicholas, August 13th, 2018 - New to LaunchPAD, 3 year old Nicholas had a blast this past Saturday. Nicholas wore a huge smile on his face all through the museum , along side his mom, dad and infant sister! Nicholas' favorite area was the sandbox which was filled with his favorite stuff, DINOSAURS! Fun fact about Nicholas, him and his family are new to the area, with dad coming from Germany and mom from Brazil! 

alex atwood.png

Lucy Gregg, July 30th, 2018 - Like a flash of lightning our little Lucy rushes past the front desk with a smile on her face, every time she comes into LauchPAD. At only 3 years old Lucy is learning about sorting and counting, role play and a lot more from her favorite spot, the market! At home Lucy is the big sister to Pearl. Loves spending time with her friends and family and of course keeping healthy with her favorite food YOGURT!!!

Alex Atwood, July 24th, 2018 - Alex came to LaunchPAD with Stella Stanford & Child Care Center on his 5th birthday!! Alex enjoyed his time with his friends playing with his usual favorite exhibits including the Market and Water Table. He loves shopping for food and fishing. However, Alex's new favorite exhibit is the Rocket Ship and Slide! He loves climbing up the ladder and going down the slide over and over and over again. At home, Alex enjoys playing with his Power Rangers. Happy Birthday to an awesome Spotlight Kid!  

spotlight July 10.jpg

Caleb Bundy, July 16th, 2018 - Our spotlight kid of the week is Caleb Bundy! At only 4 Years old little Caleb is learning all about ramps, pathways and a lot more at our enormous water table, which is Caleb's favorite spot here at Launchpad. Caleb loves that there is a lot of water inside to play with the boats. Home life is a blast for Caleb, who is an awesome big brother.

Beckett & Indie Barclay, July 9th, 2018 - Meet our spotlight kids of the week, Beckett and Indie Barclay! Beckett is 4 and Indie is 2 they enjoy the water table at LaunchPAD. When they're home they love playing outside and camping!

New Spotlight kid.jpg

Daysie Wood, June 25th, 2018 - Little miss Daysie lights up the museum with her smile when she comes thru the front door with her momma and big brother Dez. Daysie just turned 1 not to long ago and has been coming to Launchpad since she was an infant. Her favorite exhibit is the Ball Wall where she loves to keep an eye on all the different things to see and do. She is also a wonderful little helper to Bobbi Jo at the front desk! When not at LaunchPAD , Daysie is at home playing with her dog goldie and relaxing with her family.

Donnie Hallmark, June 18th, 2018 - Our Spotlight Kid of the Week goes to Donnie Hallmark! Donnie is a smiling, energetic, almost 2 year old. Donnie has been an active member at LaunchPAD; he enjoys spending most of his time in the rock box, playing with the trucks. At home, Donnie likes to play with his cars or help his mom clean around the house.When Donnie is not busy playing or cleaning, he loves to play with his dog Skip.

bella allen.jpg

Colin Miller, June 11th, 2018 - Colin is a bright five and a half year old who joined us for our Jr. Robo Zone Summer Camp. Colin's favorite part of the camp was "Building robots and learning how to make the robots move around." During our Play & Discover time during camp, Colin found joy in the Build Zone where he built structures with the wood, nuts and bolts, and also with the Legos. It is no wonder Colin is interested in building, coding and programming, as his father is a software engineer. Outside of building, Colin enjoys playing in his play room, reading Harry Potter and cuddling with his blankets.

Bella Allen, June 4, 2018 - is 8 years old and a bright young student at Sioux City's Spaulding Park Elementary. Her favorite things to do in the museum is stacking ice cream cones as tall as towers at the ice cream shop and turning the wheels making the grain move from one bin to another over at the grain pit. When not in school Bella enjoys playing outside on the trampoline with her sister and brother and visiting her new baby cousins!


Elijah Bundy, May 28th, 2018 - Elijah Bundy is a giggling bundle of joy and active member of LaunchPAD. At only 6 months, Eli is experiencing and gaining an abundance of sensory input at the museum. With all sorts of colors, sounds, and tactile activities to enliven the mind, Eli is already playing and discovering on his own. Besides being carried, and following his older brother Caleb around the museum, Eli spends time in the Toddler Area learning and exploring. We can't wait to see you continue learning and growing at LaunchPAD little guy! 

Zuri and Zailee, May 21st, 2018 - Spotlight Kid of the Week goes to two smiling sisters. With cool, unique names like Zuri and Zailee to match their fun personalities, they just had to be this week's Spotlight! Zuri is a 5 year old kindergartner and big sister to 3 year old Zailee. These sisters had such an experience shopping in the Market at LaunchPAD, however, their favorite exhibit was the Water Table. At home, the girls enjoy swimming and going to the park with their awesome mom. Thanks for sharing your smiles with LaunchPAD and we hope to see you again soon girls! 

Ayden Smith.jpg

Ayden Smith, May 14th, 2018 -  Ayden is our rockin' Spotlight Kid of the Week! Ayden joined us for our Special Needs Night last night, and had everyone smiling from his magical and contagious giggle. His favorite exhibits were the Build Zone and of course, the Air Table! This was Ayden's first visit to LaunchPAD, but we certainly hope to see him again this summer! Outside of LaunchPAD, Ayden enjoys riding horses at S.T.A.R.S, playing with his cars and trucks, and staying active with tee ball.

Kole Harris, May 7th, 2018 - Kole visited LaunchPAD last week for a field trip with Homer Community Schools. Kole is a super cool, 5 year old preschooler who enjoyed his time at the museum with his classmates. He spent most of his time building and learning about water pressure at the awesome water table! When at home, Kole still likes building, especially with his Legos and in his sand box. Enjoy the rest of preschool Kole! We hope to see you back this summer.


Maddie Young, April 30th, 2018 - Maddie is a free spirited 2 year old and regular attendee to our Thursday night Special Programming. Outside of the programming, you can find Maddie learning about the pigs or working hard in the Market. She loves shopping for groceries as well as working the cash register. At home, Maddie enjoys playing with her many baby dolls. We love seeing Maddie Play and Discover every week! Thanks for being awesome Maddie.

Dez Liu, April 23rd, 2018 - This week's Spotlight Kid of the Week goes to this precious little guy. Dez Liu is a high-spirited 4 year old who loves playing and discovering at LaunchPAD. You can usually find Dez at the Me & You exhibit taking pictures, measuring his height and seeing how much weighs in soccer balls/leaves/apples. At home, Dez likes to spend much of his time outside. He enjoys blowing bubbles, playing on the trampoline, and drawing with side walk chalk. Thanks for spreading smiles and laughter at LaunchPAD Dez!